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Although these two terms sometimes are used as synonyms, there is a quite difference between vinyl wall sticker and vinyl wall decal.

We will save you the terminology behind the printing, the cutting and all the jazz of creating the stickers and explain the differences in the end-product.


When it comes to those two, you should know that a vinyl decal usually is applied on a wall using transfer film, while a wall sticker is only ‘peel off and stick’.

With that being said, you shouldn’t be surprised, if you receive some extra sheets of paper with your order. We didn’t just miss to print your sticker out. That is your transfer film and that means you have ordered a vinyl decal. The transfer paper should be stuck onto the design, used to transfer onto the wall and removed afterwards. The transfer film helps you apply the sticker without touching the sticky part of the design and loosen the glue. See detailed instructions on how to apply a vinyl decal…

In comparison, a wall sticker is applied as a normal sticker. Peel it off from the backing paper and stick it to the wall. See detailed instructions on how to apply a wall sticker…



There is a different technology behind creating a vinyl decal and a wall sticker, and so it produces a different product.

Since the vinyl decals are cut from a single roll of vinyl, they are usually only in one single color. They may have different finishes or different colors of their elements, but one thing that differentiates them from wall stickers is their simple design.

Below are some of our vinyl decals

Difference Between Wall Sticker and Vinyl Decal 1 customized nursery sticker 5 personalized name wall sticker

Wall sticker are printed directly onto vinyl and usually allow you to have more complicated design and elements with different shades and blending colors.

Below designs are wall stickers

Difference Between Wall Sticker and Vinyl Decal 2 Mermaid Vinyl Wall Sticker 3D Jungle Wall Sticker


Both wall stickers and vinyl decals are very durable providing they have been applied to the wall correctly, but when it comes to longevity vinyl decals are winners because you use transfer film which helps you not touching the sticky part of the sticker and weaken the glue.


With wall stickers you can have more complicated and realistic images, but the application is more tricky. They (especially the ones sold on ebay and amazon) will peel off in couple of days.

Vinyl decals are more durable and allows different textures – you can have them in glossy or mat vinyl. They stick better and look better.