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Wall stickers are very easy to apply and can be removed without leaving any residue on the surface.

Please note, when it comes to application, there is quite a difference between wall stickers and vinyl wall decals.

First, make sure you apply the wall sticker on a clean, dry, non-dusty and non-greasy flat surface using a cloth to avoid air pockets and wrinkles. Do not apply on a freshly painted wall, otherwise you may damage the pain.


Step One: Peel of the sticker from the paper slowly. Be careful when you peeling off the large elements and curves.


peeling off the wall sticker from the paper

Carefully pull off the element you want to put on the wall.

peeling off the sticker

Be careful if an element has lots of curves and parts hanging on thin bits. You really do not want to break the donkey’s head.









Step Two: Position the ends of the sticker against the wall. Do not use pressure until you are satisfied with positioning.

placing the sticker on the wall


Step Three: Use a soft cloth or a credit card to flatten all air pocket or wrinkles.

flatten the wall sticker with soft cloth or credit card to avoid air pockets

Please note that the sticker may come with some creases from transportation. For best result, put the wall decal sticker on a flat surface weighted down to straighten it up before using it. Leave it for 24-48 hours. The longer you wait – the better. Plan the space you have and how you will place the wall sticker. Once put on the wall it should stick flat on the surface if applied correctly.

Finished Wall Sticker

finished wall sticker