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Large Flower Tree Wall Decal

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  • Create a focal point around the cot. With size, approximately 190 x 210 cm this colorful tree wall decal can be placed around the cot to emphasize the area.
  • Create original spaces. Create a happy and stimulating environment for your children to grow up. The Flower Tree Wall Decal will add a personalized touch and bring your boring walls to life.
  • High quality and durable. It comes with a transfer film and it will not peel off by itself like the wall stickers you buy on eBay and Amazon. How to apply…
  • Removable. You don’t need to worry about your walls. The Flower Tree Wall Decal is removable and will leave no residue on the surface or damage the walls.
  • Space will feel complete
    Use the wall space to add the desired finishing touches to your kid’s playroom.

Note: Please note, that the size shown in the picture may not reflect the true size. Refer to the specified size.

Assembly required for this product.

Large Flower Tree Wall Decal 2
Size (approx.) 190 x 210 cm




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