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Wall Sticker Tree & Birds


Vinyl Decal Tree & Birds Wall Sticker to decorate your baby’s room and nursery, suitable for boys and girls bedroom. Size: 100 x 105 cm



A great way to stimulate your kids’ creativity and create happy environment for your kids to grow up.

Size: 100 x 105 cm

Material: Quality PVC /vinyl decals

Removable and reusable

How to apply

Simply peel off the wall sticker and apply on a clean, dry, non-dusty and non-greasy flat surface. Use a cloth or a credit card in order to avoid air pockets and wrinkles. Please avoid touching and holding the sticker from the sticky side, otherwise it will be difficult to stick it on the wall.

Please note, that the vinyl sticker may come with some creases from transportation. For best result, put the wall decal sticker on a flat surface weighted down to straighten it up before using it. Leave it for 24-48 hours. The longer you wait – the better.  Once you put it on the wall, it should stick flat on the surface.

The wall stickers are very easy to apply and can be removed without leaving any residue on the surface.



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